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Is Your Make Up Ageing You?

1st February 2018

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Is Your Make Up Ageing You?...

The Mature Womans Guide

To Applying Age Defying Make Up


The Bad News...

Make up can be a minefield for most of us, but for more mature women ageing in itself can be an ongoing ordeal of waking up to another wrinkle or another make up trend that you just don't understand or even like. As we get older some women find it really difficult to adapt to the ageing process and embrace the new stages of their life with a fresh outlook on their ever-evolving image. Fashions and styles change and some women don't move with the times, meaning they are stuck in a styling nightmare. Not even realising what they are doing with their make up, in particular, is ageing them even more! The bad news is this only gets worse with age!

Are you stuck in a make up rut?..

We change our clothes with the seasons and our style over the years, but why do so many women stick to the same make up? The simple answer is make up education. Most women are stuck in a rut and just need showing new products and techniques to help them move with the times. If you think about all every day or life-changing events we go through as women, periods, pregnancy, menopause and stress. Not to mention all the external factors that influence how we age, skincare, lifestyle, diet, alcohol, environment and illness to name but a few. It is no wonder that we can't still get away with doing our make up like we did when we were 17. Our needs as women are constantly changing and the frightening thing is so many women let that change completely engulf their self-esteem and sense of who they are. 

Pregnancy and then the menopause...

Post pregnancy is a great example of how you can lose your sense of who you are. You have a beautiful little baby, who you adore and you love being a mummy, but who you were before you were a mum seems like a distant memory. You don't know what clothes to wear or if they will even fit you again. How should the new you should style yourself?! You feel like you don't even have 5 minutes to go for a wee in peace let alone to apply your make up. Imagine fast forwarding to your second pregnancy, maybe even a third or fourth, then maybe the menopause too. It's easy to see how lost you may feel by the time you are middle-aged. I meet a lot of women who feel worn out due to the demands of motherhood. It can leave you feeling like you just don't have time to make an effort or you simply forget how. Often women then lose their confidence following having children and then later in life, even with more time it is hard to know what to do to find yourself again. Of course, this isn't the case for every woman but it may be that you are reading this and you can relate to what I am saying....

I meet many women like you in my job who all feel the same.

The Good News...

There is some good news though! There are some simple steps you can take, particularly with your make up, which in some cases can take up to 10 years off your overall appearance. We need to implement positive change and not every woman will know how to tackle this on their own, but don't be afraid to look for help. A good make up artist will be a great source of knowledge and useful information to help you make the most out of the way you look. I have helped hundreds of women refresh their make up look to make them look and feel more youthful and confident. I love being a make up artist and the best way I can share my passion with other people is through teaching! I get so much satisfaction from restoring the self-esteem of women that have simply lost there way.




Here are a few tips for a more mature woman when applying make up....

When applying eye make up...

Do - Use a lighter eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eye and on your brow bone to brighten the eyes and make them look more open. 

Don't - Use lots of sheer shadow all over your eyelid if you have more fine lines and wrinkles. Iridescent shadow will draw more attention to any fine lines and wrinkles.

Foundation for more youthful looking skin...

Do - Use a liquid foundation for a more sheer coverage. A dewy finish will make your skin look more youthful.

Don't - Use medium to full coverage foundations unless you have very problematic skin that needs more coverage. Full coverage foundations tend to look flat on mature skin. A think layer of foundation tends to emphasise the wrinkles and dryness of mature skin.


Powder yes or no?

Do - Use powders sparingly, if at all. Powder tends to cling to fine lines and wrinkles. Always go for mineral powders if you really don't like liquid.

Don't - Use powder foundation unless you are using very minimal amounts.


When applying Highlighter...

Do -  Use luminous primers (underneath your foundation) to create a youthful glow. Use highlighter sparingly as again it will emphasise fine lines and wrinkles.

Always opt for cream and liquid over iridescent powders.

Don't - Overdo it. Less is more. Strategically highlight avoiding lines and wrinkles.


Enhance your lips...

Do - Use lipstick to enhance your lips. Go for more natural shades that are closer to your natural lip colour. Berry tones are always a winner. Overline your lips slightly to create fuller looking lips, this will instantly look more youthful.

Don't - forget to use lipliner. It will stop your lipstick from bleeding (looking frayed on the edges of your lips). Make sure your lip liner isn't too dark against your lipstick, keeping the line soft and subtle will make you look more youthful. 


Brows and lashes...

Do - Fill out your brows with powder to make them look fuller and thicker. This will instantly make you look more youthful. As we age we loose hair, make up can be used to give the illusion of fuller brows. Get your lashes tinted to add more depth to the lash line, or better yet get a lash lift to give the illusion of thicker fuller lashes naturally! 

Don't - Be afraid to draw your brows on. As we lose hair when we age, along with that we also lose the definition of our bone structure because of the lack of brows. Drawing them on is a great way to get that framework back into your face! A lick of mascara goes a long way to framing your face even when wearing no other make up, so don't leave home without it!

How to Prep your skin for a flawless make up application...

Skincare is a vital part of preventing the ageing process. The later you start with a good skincare routine the quicker the years will creep up on you later down the line. Using better products with anti-ageing ingredients will also instantly improve the condition of your skin, resulting in a more flawless make up application.


Here are a few basic skin care tips for a more mature woman...

1. Follow at least the most basic skincare routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. 

2. Always remove your make up at the end of the day

3. EXFOLIATE to remove your dead skin cells. Skin will instantly look brighter. Dead skin build up makes your skin look tired and dull and emphasises fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Use a primer to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and minimise open pores.

5. Use anti-wrinkle cream around your eyes to target crows feet.


Would you like to take 10 years off with Just make up?...

If you read this blog and it really resonates with you then we would love to hear from you! There is nothing quite like a professional makeover to boost your self-esteem!

Make up education should be considered an investment. We can teach you how to effectively apply your make up to emphasise all your best features. Following your make up lesson, you will no longer waste time or money on make up products you don't need or know how to use. For those of you that love being pampered, you can just let us take care of your beautifying with a special occasion makeover. Whether a lesson or a makeover, either is fine with us!

Click here to see the next up and coming 10 Years Younger Masterclass dates 

I hope you found this blog useful or that you were able to share it with someone else who might. I love nothing more than empowering all the women I am lucky enough to meet or reach, whether that be with my skills or simply just by giving my advice. 

Suezanna xoxo













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Suezanna is amazing at what she does as she makes you feel so welcome and relaxed. She is also a fantastic tutor during the masterclass where she will help you utilise what you already have in your make up bag, providing you witg invaluable skills and techniques!

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I have never met a nicer girl, she made me feel welcome and I left feeling a million dollars. The conversation was flowing and is totally open to whatever style you are into. Such a talented and lovely person. Hoping to have more events to attend so that I can come back to get styled up again. You truly did 'make my day' thank you!!!

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I can not thank enough for yesterday's hair and make up for a wedding I went to. I could not have been happier with the results, such a lovely lovely person who made me feel so at ease X

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Loved my make up lesson, Suezanna put me at ease and was happy to go over how to do something as many times as you need! She definitely has a way of making you feel at ease and it's like you've known her for years! Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to my next lesson xx

Vicki Horrey

I attended a make-up class here recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. A fabulous studio which I look forward to visiting again soon for another workshop or some beauty treatments. Suezanna was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, I would highly recommend her. I left feeling like I had learnt so much and it was money well spent. Thanks for a lovely time X

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Absolutely blown away yet again by the endless talent of this lovely explain a vision in your head and Suezanna creates it! My mum looked and felt amazing on her wedding day as did my daughter and myself as her bridesmaids, thanks again Suezanna..I cannot recommend you highly enough xx

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Thoroughly recommend. Spent 2 hours getting tips which were very helpful and another session having my make up done for an event - enjoyed both visits and looking forward to taking my daughter to have her make up done for her prom.

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I've just had my wedding nails done by Suezanna and I couldn't be happier, I can't stop looking at them! Friendly and professional, I will definitely be coming back to get them done again, I'm a convert! Thank you.

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Thanks Suzy for the amazing hair and make-up you did for me and my bridesmaids yesterday. Still all looking brilliant some 15 hours after application :-) And I didn't feel like I had too much make-up on either which was a worry that I had. Thank you so much for helping to keep everything chilled when we were getting ready too. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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I was a bridesmaid last weekend and I couldn't decide if I wanted my makeup done professionally or do it myself. Suezanna agreed to do my make up on such short notice. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. I was completely confident in what she was doing. I loved the make up that Suezanna used. My make up was applied around 10am and it was perfect all day, I didn't have to do any touch ups throughout the day. If ever I want my makeup doing professionally again I'll be sure to send Suezanna a message

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As soon as I walked through the door in her stunning makeup studio, Suezanna instantly made me feel at home! She is such a wonderful, genuine & gorgeous lady that is incredible at her job! She made me and my bridesmaids feel like a million dollars! Trust me when I say, she really know what she's doing and take her advice. I can not recommend her enough!!

Laura Cheetham

Thank you for the amazing Bridemaid hair you did for myself and my 5 fellow bridesmaids . It was the best hair up do I have ever had it lasted all day ( even with high winds and rain). Would highly recommend you to anyone for their wedding or special event ! Xx

Hannah Jhutti

I love a trip to the Make My Day studio! Suzie is always really helpful and happy to help with any questions I may have! I look forward to my next visit

Katie Manning

I attended the smokey eye masterclass, it was absolutely fab! Suezanna was so knowledgeable and patient, she went at a pace that we could all keep up with and spent time with each of us to give us pointers or tips. Suezanna put us all at ease as some of us were nervous about our abilities, she has a way of making people feel at ease and like you've known her for years - beautiful lady inside and out! Thank you so much! I can't wait for bridal makeup lesson later this month xx

Grace Foley

Make up lesson by Suezanna at Make My Day fully recommend! I found Suezanna online and enquired for Make Up Manic Mandy's birthday girlie day. We all had a great experience from start to finish and learnt a lot of new techniques. Suezanna instantly made us all feel comfortable, she was easy going, professional and went the extra mile to make sure we all got everything we could from our tutorial. She kept in touch from the date of enquiry to make sure the lesson was tailored to exactly what we wanted from the experience and left with 5 very happy customers! Would definitely book with Suezanna again! Xx

Stephanie Mowat

I have only been twice to Suezanna but both times I have felt very comfortable when getting my treatments done and will defiantly be going back for any of my beauty needs. An incredible perfectionist in what she does

Laura Bradshaw

Well yesterday I went to the beautiful makeup studio to have my Makeup trial.Really was nervous as never had anyone do my makeup before.Suezanna is such a lovely person and straight away made me feel at ease.While having it done.The end result was amazing just loved it was so natural just what I wanted.Carnt wait to go back for my hair trial so looking forward to my wedding day and have it all done again.Thankyou

Hayley Marie Carter-Forshaw

Suezanna, thank you so much for the amazing hairstyles you created for my gorgeous bridesmaids on my wedding day! Each one was individual yet they all tied in with the same theme! They even withstood the wind and crazy dance floor dancing! Highly recommend!

Jenna Tester

What a amazing job was worried about my hair and was perfect and my girls xx

Sonia Jessica Masih

Suezanna is an amazing makeup artist and hairstylist. She's made me feel amazing on a couple of occasions and I highly recommend her services x

Celia Christie

Fantastic masterclass!... learnt so much, heaps more confidence, very friendly and welcoming... just what I needed.. can't wait for more!!... xxx

Heidi Scofield

Suezanna was lovely, I showed her pictures I'd collected during my trial and she worked her magic on what would suit me and my wedding theme. On the day she made me and my bridesmaids feel amazing going beyond my expectations! We had so many compliments, I would highly recommend Suezanna. She also worked wonders with my eyelashes!

Emma Sadula

Absolutely loved my spray tan for holiday! Suezanna was really professional and made me feel really comfortable. Colour was amazing would definitely use again and would recommend to anyone.

Sarah Donald

I didn't know Suezanna before I chose her to do my bridal hair and make up, we met on the off chance, and I'm so very glad we did. Being someone that doesn't usually wear any make up or have a particular style I was nervous about what to go for. Suezanna put me right at ease and guided me using her experience and knowledge. I was very surprised and pleased after my trial and booked Suezanna immediately. My experience with Suezanna on the big day way equally fantastic. She was early, professional and again put me at ease. The final results left me speechless! I have never felt so confident and beautiful in my life! Thank you Suezanna! And I will most definitely be recommending make my day to any future brides.

Jennifer O'Donoghue

Make My Day is a great place, full of personality like its owner Suezanna. Was there as part of a hen party and we all had a great time getting pampered, we were so well looked after. Such a cool place to hang out too! Highly recommend! Thank you!

Elodie Preston

Got my nails done with Suezanna as my original place wasn't free and I needed to find somewhere else asap. Suzanne did a fantastic job with my shellac nails and we had a great laugh. I also love the salon with its vintage feel to it

Sara Bell

Thank you so much Suezanna for doing mine, my bridesmaids and the mothers makeup for our wedding on 11th June 2016. You were amazing and even though a dog bit you the day before, you didn't let my girls or I down and we all looked fantastic! I believe my bridesmaids have even liked your page! Xxx

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The best Studio around!! Suezanna has put so much hard work into her studio to make it the best, it's so beautiful!! She is such a lovely person and her passion for hair & make up is incredible!! Xx

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Suezanne done my bridel make up and bridesmaids!! I was absolutely over the moon with the results of her talent!! I'm not one for make up but on my special day she made me feel 100 dollars!! I highly recommend her she's a very talented lady xxx

Emma Jane Pugh

Thank you so much for doing my lashes! They are fab and really natural. Cannot fault them. Will definitely be recommending

Heather O'Sullivan

Suezanna did my make up for a Christmas party and I had so many compliments I lost count! She really put me at ease and did the make up to suit my dress and style. I can't recommend her enough! Thanks again xx

Verity Rule

Suezanna is absolutely amazing at her job very professional friendly and welcoming. the salon is amazing you should be so proud of yourself well done xx

Natalie Bye

Massive thanks to suezanna for giving me princess hair for my little boys christening, it took the stress out of getting ready and I was able to relax while having a good gossip! Would definitely recommend.

Maddie Fell

Booked in early Thursday Morning to have my hair put up by Suzanne for my friends wedding and she couldn't have been any nicer! She fixed my fascinator and put my hair up perfect! By the time the night time came round and my fascinator came out my hair was still perfectly in place! Will definitely be coming back xx

Christy Leigh Dubberley

I had a makeover by suezanna and she made me a princess. Wait a minute that is my name...

Princess Miriam Adams

Suezanna gave myself and 3 friends a make up lesson. It was brilliant! Suezanna is friendly, professional and gave us so many hints and tips. We all have different skin tones and she carefully selected the right shades for our skin. Would highly recommend Suezanna and will definitely be booking up again!!

Claire Holton

What can I say!! Suezanna is amazing. I was a bit wary of having someone do my make up as haven't been happy with some makeovers in the past, however from the moment I saw what she had done for the trial I was completely in love with the look, and there was no way I would have used anyone else. On the big day, I was unfortunately really poorly. Suzi arrived to me being really ill, and was fantastic and supportive above and beyond her duties in what turned out to be a pretty traumatic morning! However, she still made me look so good that no one could tell I was poorly, so thank you for saving the day! You're amazing xxxxxx

Ruth Clea

Absolutely fab... amazing make up..amazing person just truly amazing overall... you definitely made my day!!

Becca Timlin

Suezanna did my make up for my friends wedding and I loved it, I had so many compliments on it too. Definitely recommend. Xx

Lisa Shield

Thank you very much for such a wonderful job on the wedding day, lovely lady with for sure magical skills! You made the bride and bridesmaids feel so special xx

Camesha Jo

I did the smoky eye master class with Suezanne today, followed by a shellac manicure. She is fantastic! The master class was invaluable, I learned so many new things about how to do beautiful make up. The manicure was also lovely. Suezanne is so friendly, and the salon is very welcoming! Highly recommended xxx

Abby Cally

Suzanna often does my hair and makeup for events, nights out, special occasions. Aside from her professionalism, she is creative and a master at her art. She knows what works and gets it right every time. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Helena Marston

Can't rate & thank sue enough for making my friends wedding day amazing from the start. She put us all at ease & when to great length to make sure the hair & make up was perfect for the big day! Highly recommended for any occasion, wether it be special or not x

Zoe Adams

I recently did a Smokey Eye masterclass at Make My Day and it was the best money I have spent in a long time. Suzeanna was lovely and friendly, very talented and very knowledgeable. The lesson moved at a good pace and although we were all there for various reasons, I think the whole class learnt a lot. We were able to ask lots of questions and I have gained more confidence and a new found love of make up. I will be going on a big make up spending spree soon and practising the techniques we learnt. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone and I will be looking out for more courses that Suzeanna will be doing.

Jane Dashwood

Fantastic and so talented, great with children. Made us all look and feel amazing.

Penny Garner

Got married last Sunday, 2 weeks before was let down by my make up artist.... Someone recommended Suezanna who agreed to do it at short notice with no make up trial I dont wear any make up, and hadn't liked my previous trial, so wasn't sure what to expect Well I was blown away with how Suezanna made me look...Had my make up done at 9.30 in the morning and when I went to bed at midnight, it still looked as good as when I 1st had it applied with not one touch up all day.. If I could have given 10 stars I would have...thank you soooo much

Siobhan Cashmore

I was a bride last Saturday and Suezanna agreed to be my make up artist she did a fantastic job with my make up and some of bridesmaids had their make up done with her to they also looked wonderful. She provided us with wonderful service and she is so friendly and lovely to talk to I would recommend her to anyone. All the best with your future business suezanna thank you for everything my husband was gobsmacked xxxxx

Antonia Malin-Graham

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